What is a Post-Modern Grimoire?

A proper grimoire is more than a collection of spells.   It’s an exhaustive compendium of lore, lessons, inspirations, and failed experiments.

The blog is a perfect post-modern manifestation of a grimoire.   The ability to connect infinite correspondences.  To share ancient texts and yesterday’s news.  To collate theories, record results, and measure magick.  To archive in images, words, and sounds the workings of a magus’ mind.

In tech parlance, the post-modern grimoire is a metaphysical ‘sandbox.’  A place to explore, deconstruct, and reassemble.

Like all grimoires and books of secret knowledge, this collection of knowledge is dedicated to and ruled over by Mercury in all his aspects.  For now, its pages are open and transparent to all who wish to view them.  That may change as time does by.

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