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Analytic Astrology Report


Planning a move?  Looking for a new job?  Navigating a challenging relationship?

Analytic Astrology Reports offer practical insights into a specific circumstance in your life.  Electional, predictive, and humanistic modalities applied during interpretation as needed.  Your in-depth report includes magickal recommendations for working with difficult configurations.

NOTE: Astrological services are not intended as legal, medical, or financial advice.  Astrological services are offered as a means of exploring human existence in an artistic & spiritual context.

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A written case study of the astrological influences impacting a specific area of your life incorporating:

  • Astrological charts custom cast for the inquiry
  • Traditional and modern techniques
  • Progressions, elections, essential dignities, and decan considerations.
  • Aspects, transits, solar arcs, and midpoints
  • Thaumaturgical remedies for difficult configurations

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