Hymn to Venus

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A free translation of the Orphic


Heavenly Venus, morning star and evening star,
bright wanderer, brilliant beauty of the skies,
You who love smiles and who, smiling, from seafoam and shell were born,
In darkness you invent, cunning Daughter of Necessity,
You who love parties that carouse through the night.

Aphrodite Pandemos, you tie fate and form together—
starry heavens and all they contain, loamy earth and all that grows,
stormy seas and all secret things that dwell beneath.

Consort of Wildness, mother of Love, you are patron of our weddings and you delight in our feasts. You are the source of all persuasion, seen and unseen, queen of secrets and favors.

Wifely, wolfy, and kind, you are most desired, oh prolific giver of life.
Thyrus-bearer of the gods, your chains of mad desire snare mortals and monsters alike.

Come, child of the Island of Love, wherever you may be, please hear our prayer.

Whether gleaming, radiant in the heavens, or pleased in the palaces of Ishtar,
Whether touring the Nile’s fertile flood plains, or dancing in billowing foam at the edge of azur seas,
Whether circled and delighted by mortal choirs, or serenaded by cerulean-eyed nymphs,
Whether worshiped with annual praise by wedded women, or entreated by virgins aching with beauty,

Just as you laugh and chase Adonis’ divine love songs, hear our prayer and come to us in beauty and in joy.
Partake of our offerings of rose, myrtle and pearl. We offer them with reverence of mind.


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