Hymn to the Moon

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A free translation of the Orphic

Hear me queen priestess, pale and suffused in astral silver.
With bull-horn’d glow gliding through Night’s gloom,
stars attend your circuit as you traverse heavens seen and unseen.

You, oh night’s silver torch, male and female, swollen and in decline
You, grand relic of earth’s childhood,
bring forth fruit and blood, silent mother to night-things.

Oh, splendid queen of dark sea skies,
with amber reins, you call to shore
beloved white horses from ocean foam–
rushing waters of the Moon.

Vigilant eye, glinting with starlight,
you defeat vain strivers with
your peaceful cadence of ebb and flow.
Lamp of earth’s sky, ornament and friend,
You deliver all works of nature to their destined end.

Queen of stars, all-wise
decked in grace with swirling robe and shifting veil.
Come now, oh blessed Mother of Magic,
Come now, oh Priestess of the Direct Path.
Light your lamp in every drop of dew.
Shine slyly from the heart of Mystery.

Full-bright or dark, revealed or occulted,
accept our vagabond supplications and
bless us in your phases,
bless us in your faces,
Luna laudate aeternum.

Image: Still from the 'Cremaster Cycle' by Matthew Barney

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