Now, It’s Like This


Now, it’s like this:
billions of stars
wheel through the universe
twirling planets and moons,
flinging out carbon and gold,
uranium and ice,
across the depths of space.

Now, it’s like this:
four thousand satellites swarm above our sky,
chattering incessantly
in raucous roller-derby orbit.

Now, it’s like this:
continents of air
heat and cool,
rise and fall,
pushing rain
stirring sands
from Sahara
to Shangri-La.

Now, it’s like this:
predators and prey tangle
in a thrilling dance
of food, sex, death,
and rebirth.

Now, it’s like this:
cities churn
with the pulse and hum
of electric life.
Taxis and trucks
vie for purchase
on choked streets.
Horns, gunshots, jackhammers, hydraulic steam, clanging metal.

Now, it’s like this:
Human beings fuck and fight.
Mothers push out babies.
The dying push out breath.
Millions upon millions of stories buzz
with billions of protagonists
and trillions of supporting players.
Love stories, family dramas, murders–
ambition, deceit, redemption,
transcendence, betrayal, triumphs and falls.

Now, it’s like this:
miles of veins thread through
bands of muscle,
organs, and tubes.
Cells divide.
Oxygen in, carbon dioxide out.
The heart beats
with “the Force that through the green fuse drives the flower.”
Breath travels brachia,
swells sacs, enters blood.
A lightning storm of neurons
crackles along gray matter
as eyes see, ears hear, and fingers touch.
Lobes light up
with language, images, and emotions;
with fight, flight, and freeze.

Now, it’s like this:
in the center
behind these cosmic phenomena
is a kernel of awareness
we like to call ‘I.’
We believe we’re somehow
separate from
the ten thousand things that make us.
We tell us ourselves our stories
are more accurate than reality.

Now, it’s like this:
in this very moment
is an opportunity to drop
beneath the fret and furrow
of habitual self.
To find liberation
in the fact that now,
it’s like this.

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