Into the Mystic

It’s ballsy. That’s for damn sure.

It takes a Leo. Of course.

A Leo with Sag rising and moon. AND with Mercury in the midheaven at his degree of exultation.

Who else would have the pomposity, the delusions of grandeur, the bald-streak of madness to try to out-Crowley Crowley?

That’s the plan, though.

An ambitious post-modern syncretic feat. A reskinning of turn-of-the century (19th-20th) esoterica onto the virtual cyber-skeleton of a new millennium.

I’m abandoning Abrahamic ecclesiastical language. The top-down approach to divinity. I’m ditching the pseudo-mythology of Edwardian Egypt-fever. Instead, I’m picking up in 2020 with a new vision of the Aeon. The Age of Aquarius does not arrive in the future, as we’ve been led to believe. It began five centuries ago…

I’m starting with the mythology of astrology. Something shared by every civilization around the globe. I’m revisiting the Tree of Life, which has been climbed in some form or fashion since the Assyrians. Alphabets have been creating worlds as long as there has been language. I’m going to take a fresh look at the one we use every day.

The framework will be familiar. But the constructs will be cavalier.

My aim is to reimagine ‘high magick’ for the children of chaos. To build a pragmatic framework that reveals instead of conceals. A flavor fusion of cold-water Zen, field-frolicking paganism, and that leather-bound scrumptiousness of arcane hermeticism.

It’s taken me a long time to figure out I’m more of an artist than a scholar. I’ll never be able to solve the Mystery. I can only hope to embody it and play along.

In the nooks and crannies between the demands of my day job, I’ve been journeying. I have lots to share. Here’s what’s in the hopper:

  • A recalculation of the astrological ages with radical implications.
  • A taller Tree of Life with 12 redefined spheres and 27 connecting paths leading totally new places.
  • 5 new additions to the Tarot’s major arcana.
  • A 26-letter alphabet for world-creation.

That’s just a start. I’m having a blast jazz-riffing off the secrets of the ages. The work I’ll present here during the coming weeks is a creative stunt of daring-do. No doubt many will find it appalling and embarrassingly unorthodox.

For everyone else, I hope you have as much fun as I’m having!


PS. The creation of my own Tarot deck is coming along. It’s its own mystical rite of passage. Like building a lightsaber, I suppose. I’ll be sharing new art soon. (And I can’t wait to tackle those five new majors!)

photo: Maria Bitencourt

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