“Every Microcosm…has a Centre…a place that is sacred above all.”


In each of our lives, a thousand streams of cause-and-effect swirl into a human-shaped spout. A centrifugal force suggesting a face, a mind, a heart, a soul. At the center of this whirlpool exists the Axis Mundi.

Our universe revolves on this unique spindle, threading a thousand karmic fibers together into the singular yarn of our particular tale.

Each of our stories spins on its own Axis Mundi. Together, our motley skein warps and weaves into Indra’s famous Net. Each axis wholly mirrored by all others in a glittering multiversal disco kaleidoscope.

The Axis Mundi is the Tree of Life, the Bodhi Tree, Yggdrasil, the maypole. The sacred center shaft. Giving purchase to both heaven and hell. The aerie and the underworld. The first and final pavers of the yellow brick road.

The Axis Mundi sphere on the 21C Tree of Life is the only one not assigned an astrological ruler.

It is the neutral nexus of the here and now. For where else could the energies of planets and pathways manifest but in this very moment? A perfect suspension of fire, water, earth, and air. Always in motion, yet a constant foundation.

Ultimately, climbing and descending the Tree of Life serves only to deepen one’s understanding of the nature of the Axis Mundi. A nature utterly empty and utterly complete. One could spend a lifetime or more contemplating the Axis Mundi and nothing else. Yet the Tree awaits…

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